General information
The web implementation of the phylogenetic targeting program (PhyloTargeting) provides info boxes that briefly explain the most important aspects of the approach. Furthermore, we provide more detailed explanations and instructions in the manual as well as additional documents that describe the phylogenetic targeting approach (Diploma thesis of Christian Arnold and the official publication). For new users, we provide a downloadable example dataset that can be used to examine the structure of the NEXUS file (which is identical to the example dataset that can be loaded in step 1 of the web implementation).
Contact the authors
If you encounter any problems or if you have specific questions, do not hesitate to contact the authors:

Christian Arnold (chrarnold web (dot) de)
Charles Nunn (clnunn duke (dot) edu)

Our working group homepage is available at
If you use the method of phylogenetic targeting, please cite the following reference:

Arnold, C. and C. L. Nunn. 2010. Phylogenetic targeting of research effort in evolutionary biology.
American Naturalist 176:601-612.